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Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects
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3-Feb-2018, 10:36 PM

LordZerome1080 said:

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LordZerome1080 said:

Darth Lucas said:

Anonymous105 said:

Apparently someone is selling Harmy’s Despecialized versions at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con.

Harmy's Despecialized Blu-ray

$30 a piece

While this is irritating, it’s kind of par for the course with conventions. You could report the seller to the people in charge of vendors at the convention, but in my experience, they’ll pretty much just ignore you. They’re pretty small fish to fry in the grand scheme of things. Bootlegs at conventions have been going on since the earliest days of comic con.

Even though this could be risky, perhaps you could call the police and have them arrest the bootleggers as that would put a stop to it.

What can the cops do, he is selling a fan edit yes its bad but not police bad.

Technically you could say it was stolen from Harmy.

Then at that point its harassing the police