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Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?
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2-Feb-2018, 4:32 AM
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2-Feb-2018, 4:39 AM
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Yeah I have no trouble believing you that laser IMAX projection can offer brigher, crisper, deeper contrast than film. Not to mention HDR which is now out there, at least in Dolby Cinema.
Still there are other reasons why one might prefer film screenings over state of the art digital, i’m sure for many folks out there nostalgia and emotional value being the main one. Maybe you can perceive more grain with film? For those who like that. Also, they’re bound to disappear entirely, so grab the special chance to watch dirt, scratches, flicker and whatnot, while it lasts haha! I wish I could 😃.

I loved reading that shootout. Please tell me you have similar ones about 2K digital vs pristine 35mm print in optimal conditions? hehe
I know this is super subjective but 2K screenings disappoints me 😦 . I feel like I’m just watching a huge tv, but darker and poorer colors than one can actually have at home with a decent TV (not that I have one). 1080p in a theater screen really doesn’t seem like enough resolution. Regression?

Wazzles said:

Where did they actually have 35mm showings of TFA and TLJ? I can’t find any information on them.

I know of at least two accounts:

I just had a look at IMDB and it does mention TFA was printed in both 35 and 70mm, whereas R1 and TLJ 70mm only. So can you believe how special it might have been to watch TFA in 35mm? 😃