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Pictures of screenings of TFA, R1 and TLJ in 35mm / 70mm / Dolby Cinema?
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1-Feb-2018, 5:44 PM

When I saw R1 last year there was an almost ten minute preview of Dunkirk, and the aerial sequences were stunning. When that pilot runs out of gas I felt the terror of having to ditch in the drink. That IMAX dome also has the best sound system I’ve heard in long time. The crashed TIE exploding in TFA made me jump each time.

Would like to try out the laser projection system, but I’d have to go down to L.A. to get to one. Maybe for Han Solo since it won’t be coming out around the usual time I take my annual vacation up north. I’d be crazy to travel 300 miles just to see a movie on 70mm film? 😛