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THX on 35mm Tech IB preservation - HELP NEEDED
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30-Jan-2018, 6:52 PM
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30-Jan-2018, 6:53 PM
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SilverWook said:

But it helps. 😉 I’ve seen at least one Blu Ray review where the author was totally unaware they were not watching the unaltered 1971 film. And don’t get me started on people who think Jabba was present in the 1977 release of Star Wars…

The most common misconception I see about the Star Wars revisions is that numbering the originals 4 5 and 6 all happened in 1997 (or even post 1999). It’s a rare case of accusing Lucas of even more revisionism than he is guilty of. Of course, the kind of people with that misconception are generally not the type of people who would hold it against him anyway.

But I agree about THX. 1971 vs. 1978 is subtle. It’s not strange for someone to consider the laserdiscs original.