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Rogue One * Spoilers * Thread
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27-Jan-2018, 11:54 AM

I agree with RRS-1980’s thoughts. And why does it matter that his joke is specifically a pun? It’s WELL established he is wryly sarcastic and uses incredibly cruel humor to rub his subordinates’ noses in their own failures. So that’s all ok but only if it’s NOT a pun? Why is Vader limited in what type of cruel jokes he’s “allowed” to make?

I’m admittedly biased b/c R1 is now firmly my third favorite Star Wars movie closely behind SW and ESB. But I think they did a GREAT job with Vader in R1. My only criticism is he does look a little off sometimes in the scene with Krennic both in movement and the way the costume fits. But it’s been decades since the OT was filmed and they obviously had to make a new costume and find a new actor. I think they did a great job recreating Vader from the OT in all respects. I mean, even the shots where he looks a little “off” aren’t THAT bad. Nothing like how lame he looked in ROTS.