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The Star Wars - Star Wars Retold
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Chapter One - Entrance of Vader

As the smoke around the docking bay began to disperse, and the rear stormtroopers checked for wounded, their leader walked through the doorway.

Gargantuan, clad in an all-encompassing jumpsuit, a control box on his chest, with a silver striped gorget and a belt, with his flowing robe and cape, and shining helm, which was domed, and had a skull like mask, which was lopsided, with bulbous lenses. His name was Darth Vader.

Chapter One - Leia and Vader

'Darth Vader, only you could be so bold. Your irrational actions have caused even more mindless destruction! The senate will not sit still for this, when they hear how you attacked a diplo-"

‘Don’t dare feign surprise, your highness, you’ll not trick me into believing your mercy mission story, Antilles already tried that. I want to know what happened to the plans!’

The Princess showed a face of shock and disgust toward the Dark Lord, whom towered over her immensely.

‘I can see you have no reason. You are a cruel mo-’

‘And you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!’

With that he marched off, followed by his commander.

Chapter Two - Luke and Owen

Owen and Luke looked at the droids on sale, Owen speaking to the Jawas, and Luke searching for the right droids.

He saw many dull, scratched and banged up droids, all in disrepair. Then he saw the shining 3PO and clean R2.

‘Uncle Owen, what about that one?’

The aged Owen looked at the droids, looked back at Luke, and nodded.

‘Make sure he speaks Bocce.’

Luke was a fine young man. The adolescent had shaggy, honey-coloured hair, and tanned skin, with fair, round eyes of a strong shade of blue, he had a strong jawline and a dimpled chin.