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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)
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24-Jan-2018, 5:31 PM

TheTrueSpottedfeather said:

I was doing some reading and found this…
“AVCHD is formatted for burning onto a Blu-ray Disk (BD) or even a dual-layer DVD (DVD-DL). This version usually downloads as a .ISO file (often with a .MDS file included). Not all soundtracks and subtitles are included in this version due to BD limitations. See this article to learn how to “mount” the .ISO file on Windows, Mac, or Linux.”

I’d like the MKV with all the features and audio, but if you convert this to AVCHD, it won’t lose the additional commentaries and stuff like that ? No loss of quality ?

If I hadn’t been reading all the other stuff you’ve been going on about I’d be totally, completely lost for your meaning here, but I think I follow… Are you still trying to figure out how to get these movies onto a Blu-ray disc? AVCHD as mentioned in the stuff you’re quoting is referring to the extra-compressed versions of the films that are particularly for those who can’t or won’t burn to Blu-ray, but still want a version of the movie to watch or share on discs, particularly cheaper discs like double layer DVDRs. The mentions of Blu-ray Disc and BD limitations, etc. are in regards to the AVCHD video standard used for the extra-compressed version being structured like Blu-ray and playable only in Blu-ray players despite technically being fit on a double layer DVDR. If you are wanting full quality on a disc and you already have the full quality MKV releases, there are some very simple steps to get it to be ready to burn to a BDR, as the video and audio are already made to be Blu-ray compliant (just have to run it through TSMuxer or some such first). If you want menus or anything fancy, in addition to being full quality, get the NJVC Blu-ray images as we’ve mentioned previously. And no (in reference to what you were asking Harmy earlier), don’t ever expect to be told directly where to download such things in this forum, anyone doing so shouldn’t, this is for discussion about these projects, not how and where to get them.