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Michael Ward
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The original Marvel Star Wars series
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23-Jan-2018, 6:41 PM

screams in the void said:

yes . 95 and 96 were great issues IMHO . I thought there was a nice manga look to the art as well and it was long before the current manga craze .I thought luke’s second weapon was a smaller lightsaber though.

You know, looking at in now it is unclear. I always took it to be the short blade Kiro brought from his homeword which he retrieves from his belongings before going to rescue Luke. And we see a close up of it, with Lukes hand approaching it as tells Kiro he has an idea.

But Luke does tell Kiro he needs to make something before facing Lumiya, and when he faces her both weapons look like energy weapons, and he says that have two waepons one short and one long will allow him to match the two natures of her weapon so I’m not sure anymore.

And I see what you mean about the manga feel.