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21-Jan-2018, 12:10 PM

one69chev said:

yhwx said:

I think most people who are big fans of sports teams are so for one of tree reasons:

  1. The team is of the city from which they hail.
  2. The rest of their family likes said team.
  3. They like the team’s “story” and relates to them somehow.

I blame it on my Dallas Cowboy pajamas. As a five year old, it seemed as good a reason as any to root for a football team. As for the remaining leagues, in second grade, I got a Phillies hat, so that takes care of baseball. I am from Jersey originally, so as I began to appreciate the NHL way back when, the Devils seemed like the obvious choice. NBA? I really haven’t followed anyone post Jordan. Apologies for the minor degression off topic, but the completest in me could not resist.

I am hoping against hope the Eagles will bring home the trophy; tired of the Patriots.

You’re Cowboys and Devils fan and also a Phillies fan and you hope the Eagles bring hope the trophy??? The first two just don’t go together with the last two. Drop the Cowboys and Devils.