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Reconstructing the prequels from what was implied in the original trilogy
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19-Jan-2018, 7:10 PM

Those ideas sound interesting. I’ve been outlining on my own to see how I think the PT and ST should have gone. I think I might try writing them out at around the same complexity as the original Star Wars novelization. Try to fit the mood, themes, etc.

What you’re trying to do sounds like that Dark Horse comic “The Star Wars” which was an adaptation of the very early Lucas Whills script. I haven’t read how they adapted it but I have read all of the Lucas drafts and they’re indescribably terrible. So much of Star Wars is carried by the style, not just the substance. It’s not Star Wars without the John Williams score, the classic sound design, the life the actors breathed into lines that just don’t pop when you read them on paper.

What’s funny is I saw the original nine films as envisioned by the original writers. Let me paste it.

Ok, having a little trouble finding it but this is gold, what this guy wrote. This guy paid attention. This is what was ignored when the prequels were made.

And here’s some good points about how Lucas almost accidentally wrote a good prequel trilogy. It’s there in the bullet points and, with different execution, would be terrific. You just have a hard time seeing it through the horrible execution we got.

Yeah, I can’t find it. There was a bullet point list of what the nine movies were going to be hashed out around the time Empire finished filming. The films were going to be:

  1. History of the Jedi, how they got made
  2. Obi-Wan and Anakin fun time
  3. Fall of the Jedi
  4. ANH we got
  5. TESB as we got
  6. ROTJ would have been different. Leia is elected president and Han dies. Luke becomes big ol’ Jedi Master. Emperor doesn’t die yet.
    7-9 were not really outlined well but Luke eventually defeats the Emperor.