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How many 'Bad' Star Wars movies could you take before you check out?
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18-Jan-2018, 1:08 PM

Actually, I was done after TFA. I still planned to eventually watch the next films but not in the theater. It would mainly be to confirm my suspicion of their being horrible. My wife dragged me to see TLJ. I’m usually fussier about movies so I didn’t want to rain on her parade if she liked it. We came out of the theater and I could see the disappointment written on her face. She has no intention of seeing IX in the theater and certainly not the (most likely) trainwreck of Han Solo.

The three Disney films all share the same flaws. Rogue One had a decent third act but that didn’t redeem the first two acts. They should have avoided EU-style tie-in stories and simply done a separate Rogue Squadron film. That’s what I’ve been dying for since ROTJ, more adventures set in the Galactic Civil War era but separate from the OT heroes.

I don’t anticipate the future films being any different. These are money-making concerns first and foremost and the films, despite all the griping from hardcore fans, remain tremendously profitable. There’s zero incentive for Disney to change anything until they start losing money. They’d be quite happy churning out Michael Bay-style lucrative garbage until the end of time. Quality isn’t something they’re optimizing for.