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The Star Wars - Star Wars Retold
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Here is chapter one, I’ll every now and then be posting pages and chapters so that ye guys can get a feel for what I’m going for.


There was silence. Silence was all there was above the backwater planet that was Tatooine. There were no ships coming and no ships going.

Absolutely silent.

Then, the silence was broken. The sound of blaster cannons rang out through the vacuum.
A corvette, damaged and old, ran from a pursuing vessel, the Imperial Star Destroyer named “The Devastator.” The Imperial Star Destroyers were oddly shaped, like a stout dagger, a flattened pyramid, the tip pointing toward its adversary, its adversary wouldn’t last long.

The red blaster bolts of the corvette struck the Devastator, but did no damage. The green bolts of the Star Destroyer could barely find its minuscule target, but had no trouble once it did.
Aboard the corvette were two droids, the protocol droid C-3PO, and the astromech droid R2-D2.

The protocol droids were as humans in form, yet rudimentary in design, with clunky bodies and limbs, which had limited movement, the faces of these droids came in seemingly random styles. C-3PO had the likeness of a shocked man, and was plated in gold, save his lower left leg, which was silver.

The astromechs were stout things, coming to about the navel of the average man. These droids had cylindrical bodies, on either side of these were stiff arms, attached to the frame just below the start of the neckless head. These arms ended with trapezoid wheel protections. Underneath the body was a third wheel, which could hide inside the droid’s frame. R2-D2 was white, his head was silver and bore a blue colour scheme.

The two hurried to the front of the ship, as dozens of rebel troopers rushed to the rear of the ship, they conversed as they did so.

‘Did you hear that? They’ve shut down the main reactor, we’ll be destroyed for sure!’ Spoke C-3PO.

The astromech replied with the usual bleeps and bloops, though, their translation was different, with a higher form of speaking, and held an air of confidence and wisdom.

The noise of metal hitting metal echoed through the ship, the sound of boarding clasps attaching to the ship.

‘We’re doomed.’ Sighed C-3PO.

At the rear of the corvette, the rebel soldiers rallied, their blasters aimed at the docking bay door, their bodies pressed against the white corridor walls, crouching and proning, hiding behind door frames and loose crates, they steadied their breathing, and gripped their fear tightly.

The clattering stopped… silence.

The white docking bay door lit up, with a pink flame and sparks aplenty. The door exploded, shooting debris toward the defenders, and covering the corridor in smoke.

Blaster fire came from the obscured doorway, as did the Empire’s dreaded stormtroopers. They were clad in white armour, which covered them from head to toe. Their shortrange, quick firing blasters and their swift and brutal tactics were employed to storm locations of importance quickly. Hence their name.

They came out quickly, firing upon the defenders. First two came out, then four, then six, then eight, soon there were twelve, then twenty. The rebel troops fired back, striking the Imperial troops, but not striking them enough. Unable to keep the fight even, the rebels had to run, lest the stay and die.

They retreated, often firing back at their pursuers, but they took losses aplenty.

As the smoke around the docking bay began to disperse, and the rear stormtroopers checked for wounded, their leader walked through the doorway.

Gargantuan, clad in an all-encompassing jumpsuit, a control box on his chest, with pauldrons and a belt, with his flowing robe and cape, and shining helm, which was domed, and had a skull like mask, which was lopsided, with bulbous lenses. His name was Darth Vader.

He stood still, hands on hips, and saw the losses. From him came the sound of raspy, rhythmic breathing. He took in the sights and continued walking, followed by his soldiers.

In the escape pod bay, C-3PO searched for his troublesome friend.

‘R2-D2 where are you?!’ He surveyed the area.

He tilted his body and saw, around the corner of the hallway, his companion, standing upright, receiving a memory card from a white robed woman. The Princess.

The rebel soldiers had been rounded up, their numbers now in the twenties, their weapons confiscated and hands tied, they were now in the hands of the Empire.

In the board room, the dark figure held in his hand the rebel captain. His own commander, his white armour bearing a blue design came up to him.

‘M’lord, the Death Star plans are not in the ships main computer.’

The Dark Lord turned his head back to the captain.

‘Tell me, Captain Antilles, where are those files you received, what have you done with those plans?!’

The Dark Lord’s voice unnaturally was deep, and sounded akin to a radio receiving a poor transmission. It was brassy and rough, with reverb, and clipping levels as if it were the noise of someone too close to a recording device. The voice pattern itself was odd. His vowels were elongated and weirdly accented, he rolled his Rs, and he too often emphasised words.

He grabbed the officer by the throat with his left hand, and slowly but steadily raised him.

‘I don’t know what you speak of! This is a consular ship, we’re on a diplomatic mission!’ He forced out, gasping for air.

The Dark Lord tightened his grip, and spoke with a harsher voice.

'If this is a consular ship, where are the ambassadors?!"

There was a crushing noise as the rebel died, the Imperial had crushed Antilles’ wind pipe. Vader threw the corpse at the wall and turned to his soldier.

‘Commander, you will tear this ship apart till you’ve found those plans, bring me the passengers, I want them alive!’

In the pod bay, R2 and 3-Po climbed aboard a pod as several rebels stood by the pod doors. Once inside the door shut, and each rebel began launching the pods.

‘Why did they do that?’ Asked 3-PO of R2.

The astromech beeped in answer.

‘None of my business, what are you talking about? Are you sure this pod is safe?’

Their pod fell toward Tatooine, as did the others. They were safe… for now.

Aboard the corvette the stormtroopers had finished rounding up the rebels. They escorted the Princess to Vader. She was first to speak.

'Darth Vader, only you could be so bold. Your irrational actions have caused even more mindless destruction! The senate will not sit still for this, when they hear how you attacked a diplo-"

‘Don’t dare feign surprise, your highness, you’ll not trick me into believing your mercy mission story, Antilles already tried that. I want to know what happened to the plans!’

The Princess showed a face of shock and disgust toward the Dark Lord, whom towered over her immensely.

‘I can see you have no reason. You are a cruel mo-’

‘And you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!’

With that he marched off, followed by his commander.

His commander was now unmasked, showing a middle-aged, brown skinned face, with charming features and afro textured hair and beard which was greying.

‘Lord Vader, I must say that holding her is dangerous. If knowledge of this were to spread it could cause sympathy for the rebellion.’

Vader turned to him.

‘She is my last link to the rebel base, Fordo.’

‘She’ll never talk.’

‘Leave that to me.’

As they turned around a corner they were approached by an Imperial naval officer.

‘Lord Vader, my men have notified me that they spotted escape pods leave the ship, and disperse themselves, landing on Tatooine. When your men checked the pod bay, they found that no pods remained, there were no lifeforms aboard the pods.’

Vader turned to each of his officers.

'She put the plans on one of those pods. Commander Fordo, take a detachment down to the planet and search for those pods. There will be no one to stop us this time!"