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Info: How Many Versions are there of the AOTC?
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17-Jan-2018, 12:04 PM

I can help

The Orriganal is The VHS version.
The DVD is the Same As the VHS Version.
IMAX version was changed as the IMAX theaters at the time were only experimental. The film was cut down signiffigantly. “20 minutes where lost, in getting this transfer for IMAX.”

The Blu Ray nearly gave me a heart attack when i saw The Scenes where rearranged.
“Anakin how many times do i have to tell you!”(Gets electricuted)
We see the speeder from a farther view leaving the Power Cuplinks.
"Stay Away From POWER CUPLINKS!"
Then we see the spedder from near the front coming close to the camera.

The Bluray
"Anakin, How many times do i gave to tell you!"
"Stay Away From POWER CUPLINKS!"
followed by both angle shots of the Speeder

Theres more…i’ll have to add that later.