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How to capture HDCP-encrypted HDMI sources (Vudu, Netflix, Directv, Virgin Media, etc.)
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14-Jan-2018, 5:18 PM

Clemintime said:
If you have any further questions, let me know.

When I used to pull this channel from the wall with a PCTV stick, this is the type of file I was getting. I’d like to replicate this as close as possible. Heck, I’d love to be able to just pull the raw data (whether I stay with my MPEG2 cable provider or switch to DISH). If I do stay with my cable provider, is there a device that offers HDMI MPEG2 encoding that meets or exceeds 15 MBPS?

The device you linked to seemed like it was going to downconvert the audio to 2.0. Will it re-encode the audio or is there a way to capture the data as it is sent out by the receiver?

File: Mux type : TS Stream
TS mux rate : 16.957 Mbps
Video: Encoding : MPEG2
VideoStreamID : x840
Frame rate : 59.94 fps
Encoding size : 1280 x 720
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Header bit rate : 38.800 Mbps
VBV buffer : 976 KBytes
Profile : Main@High
Progressive : Progressive Only
Chroma : 4:2:0
Bit rate : 13.719 Mbps
Captioning : EIA 608/708
Field order : Progressive
Audio Stream: 1 (Primary) Codec : AC3
Channels : 5.1
Language : eng
PID : x841
PES Stream Id : xBD
Bit rate : 384 Kbps
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits
Audio Stream: 2 Codec : AC3
Channels : 2.0
Language : spa
PID : x842
PES Stream Id : xBD
Bit rate : 192 Kbps
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits