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Looking for my place in all of this...
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12-Jan-2018, 10:34 PM

solkap said:

Q: …or insults that I should consider?

A: Hmmm. Well, I guess if you really want an insult, I could say you are a nerd, but I clearly live in a glass house, so throwing those types of stones would probably be kind of foolish on my part. 😉

solkap, thank you so much for the thoughtful and detailed reply. I am going to reference it often.

I may also look into modifying some of the cases/covers to add the “bonus” features details of the NJVC compilation to the inside cover and the words “Despecialized Edition”. Do you know if I would need an additional font pack or something to use with Nuance PowerPDF (which I presume will have some capability to edit these adequately).