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The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS INSIDE **
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12-Jan-2018, 1:37 AM

The ships in the Sequel Trilogy make sense for the most part.

The biggest change I wish they’d made was to have a different ‘main ship’ other than the Millennium Falcon. The Prequels had the Naboo cruisers, which fit the style of a more civilized time. The Millennium Falcon fit the style of a used and broken-down universe suffering under an Empire. This trilogy could have used a ship like that, such as a scavenged and modified Imperial Shuttle that Rey would use to search the wrecks. It would have been reminiscent of Luke’s Skyhopper while still making sense in universe.
Scavenged Skyhopper
I imagine something like this but with extra cargo space and some Rebel/Republic designs painted on the wings.