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Star Wars: The Lost Cut
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10-Jan-2018, 1:18 PM

cosmicjazz said:

darth_ender said:

benduwan said:

use only star wars stuff,not ww2.

Sounds good. I agree.

fill missing scenes with pics and use unfinished scenes or fx.

I have so many pictures that I might have to limit my use of pictures to the most important occasions, but I think I agree with you, I should use pictures to fill in some holes. Thanks!

i´m very interested in this.

I’m glad. No disrespect to any other editor, but TM2YC’s Lost Workprint edit was probably my favorite fan edit if all time. I love the inclusion of all these deleted scenes! Hopefully I can do justice to the edit in those portions I’ve taken on.

Was that edit released? Never saw it.

It was never released, but I saw a rough draft. Though I’ll be using his draft as my base, I still don’t feel comfortable sharing that draft as it is without his permission.