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10-Jan-2018, 10:37 AM
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suspiciouscoffee said:

In other news, I’ve suddenly fallen pretty hard for a guy. He’s probably straight, but even if he isn’t, any relationship I pursue with him would result in my execution and subsequent trip to hell. I continue to daydream nonetheless, and hope God has mercy on my soul whenever I do die.


Okay, as a Christian myself, I don’t see having such feelings for, or a relationship with, a guy means you’re going to hell. Seriously. Many conservatives or evangelicals are really judgy about that, but they need to check themselves because the Bible says plenty about loving each other and not being quick to judge. Certainly it does say homosexuality is wrong, but it says a truckload of things are wrong—things that people do wrong all the time every single day. Which is why we need a Savior because we can’t fix it ourselves.

Sorry for my soapbox. But really, I don’t see you going to hell for that.