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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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10-Jan-2018, 9:00 AM
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Anchorhead said:

Frank your Majesty said:
This rehash argument is just the Ring theory with a twist. Instead of using these constructed superficial “similarities” to show how great the prequels are, they are now a sign of how bad the new movies are. Why can’t angry fans come up with something new? Do they want to alienate other fans?

Why do angry fans have to come up with anything? Why don’t they just watch the movies they like and ignore what they don’t like? This is a 40 year old franchise spanning several generations. It consists of nine films, several TV shows, animated movies, hundreds of novels, children’s books, video games, comic books, newspaper series, theme parks, annual conventions, etc, etc.

There is absolutely no way the franchise can be one size fits all. I can’t make sense of fans battling a franchise they like and I really can’t fathom battling a different portion of the fan base. There isn’t a brolly girl waiting with a big cardboard check. No one is going to win Star Wars.

By all means feel free to vent, deconstruct, debate, rage, etc. I do it occasionally myself. It’s what makes this forum work. However, maybe give some serious thought to focusing on what you like. The stuff we don’t like about the franchise isn’t going away.

This assumes ranting about stuff you dislike is unpleasant. Why do you have to focus on the stuff you like? Is it because it is in some way bad for you, or because the opposite side doesn’t want to read these rants? I suspect the latter. Every time someone writes a passionate critique of the film, we get these suggestions to focus on stuff we like. In other words stop b****ing about stuff that I like. Well I like to write about this stuff, amongst other things.