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7-Jan-2018, 11:41 PM

ray_afraid said:

Possessed said:

She thinks it’s Leia anyway even without knowing she’s his sister because of them communicating with the force at the end.

This is what everyone I’ve shown the movies to came away with too. A couple of em even called it when the communication thing happened. "OOH! So she’s gotta be “the other”, right?"
That she’s also Luke’s sister was a groaner almost every time. I’m interested to find out how she takes that one.

She loved ROTJ too. Didn’t question the sibling thing. Loved the ending with Vader Luke and the emperor. Pretty sure she actually cried when Darth Vader killed the emperor and then himself died. She thought Luke was going to turn and kill Vader and that the sequel trilogy was going to be about Luke as the next Vader, but was relieved that the character she got attached to stayed a good guy. I showed darthrushs edit so much of the cheese in jabbas palace and some from the ewoks was gone.