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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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Sorry, but this is the kind of thing that triggers my OCD…

Why is there a dash between Han & Solo in the title of this thread?

Because it’s a solo movie. Not a Solo movie.

Ah. Got it. I still need a Zanex, but I got it.

I’m honestly a bit surprised they didn’t do an Ashoka movie or something more contemporary.


Because I’m new, I’m not sure if you’re serious or screwing with me, but if your point is that I mispelled her name, then yes, I mispelled her name. It has been corrected. My apologies.

I think ray may have been joking with his ‘who?’ - in that a few on here don’t follow the EU or animated series closely - so likely wouldn’t know who that character is.

I think…

I don’t know who that is and I’m surprised to hear that someone would expect a movie about that character over Han.
I think I’m further from the fan base that I thought…

Ahsoka Tano is

I guarantee you ray doesn’t care. I really don’t either. I know everyone says the cartoon gets better as it goes along, and maybe that’s true, but I could barely finish season 1.

Yea, I hear you. I treat the cartoons like a business transaction - I’m there to get what I need which is the bits and pieces that feed into the larger canon. There’s a lot of superfluous shit in The Clone Wars series. Entire multi-episode arcs that are just random battles, droids runamok, and a LOT of clone porn. But there are key episodes and arcs that really flesh out details of the larger canon and saga all the way through the PT, OT, and ST. For example, I consider the Mortis Trilogy in season 3 to be the single most important three episodes of content outside the films themselves. Not only do they almost single-handedly redeem the prequels in terms of illuminating the underpinnings of Anakin’s fall and ostensible role as “the chosen one”, they also almost fully illustrate the Light Side, the Dark Side, and the neverending struggle for Balance that has consumed the Galaxy for generations upon generations. Not only do these themes permeate the prequels and to a bit lesser extent, the OT, they are directly reflected in The Last Jedi between Rey, Kylo, and Luke. Yoda’s Journey at the end of season 6 greatly fleshes out the concept of the “living” force that allows particularly accomplished force wielders to transcend death and become “force ghosts”. Qui-Gon was the first to achieve this feat and those few episodes are pretty much the main reason why a certain character channeling Zeus in The Last Jedi doesn’t bother me in the least and in fact, makes sense.

I’ve only watched The Clone Wars through once, and I won’t likely do it again, but I am going to put together a list of the essential episodes that feed the most into the larger canon. I’ll post it here when I finish it.

Rebels is more “childish” if you will and doesn’t lend nearly as much to the larger canon. It’s fun mostly for seeing a few cool backstory elements such as how Wedge became a pilot in the Rebellion.

EDIT: Say what you will about Disney (and there’s a lot to be said), but Kathleen Kennedy and the Lucasfilm Story Group are clearly running a tight ship now when it comes to the canon. Executed properly, I expect that the Han Solo movie will tie together a lot of existing storylines, if only with a brief line here or there (ah-la the “obsolete landspeeders” quote in Rogue One). The Kessel run, Chewie’s journey after the Clone Wars to his life-debt to Han, Lando & the Falcon, etc.