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In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?
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5-Jan-2018, 11:52 PM
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In a few years, I’m going to watch the saga with my young children and am preparing now. Currently, here’s my plan:

Rogue One

EpI (official or undetermined edit)
EpII (official or undetermined edit)
The Clone Wars (essential episodes/arcs - Mortis Trilogy, Yoda’s Journey, Ashoka Accused, etc)
EpIII (official or undetermined edit)
Rebels (not all at once, but this would be when to start it)

EpVII (official)
EpVIII (official)
EpIX (hopefully in theater)

Has anyone compiled a list of what they consider to be essential episodes of TCW?

My children almost know the stories better than I do at this point from books, apps, and toys, so how to handle the prequels is my greatest challenge. The little ones are obsessed with Darth Maul and badly want to see whatever it is he appears in. Obviously, under no circumstances would I lead-off with Episode I, but even when we do watch it I don’t want them becoming enamored with Jar Jar as the very young tend to do. Episode II is a dumpster fire and Episode III is only marginally better. I’m conflicted about wandering too much from the canon/official versions with fan edits, but I also haven’t yet sampled any. Hopefully, I can acquire l8wtr’s and Hal’s prequel trilogy.