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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut (SPOILERS)
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5-Jan-2018, 3:08 PM

MalàStrana said:

darthrush said:

honestly, screw the prequels. I just don’t want Luke Skywalker referring to Darth Sidious. I’d rather have him talk about his legacy of saving his father and that effect on him. Him referring to things that worked well for me emotionally from the OT, and not from the PT, where I saw a bunch of souless monks get offed by troopers when they were meant to be skilled protectors of peace and justice.

Too bad because Luke’s behavior against the meaning/purpose of the Jedi Order is fueled by what happened during the PT (events he got to know about between Episode VI and VII). You get rid of every single PT reference, you get rid of a strong part of Luke’s characterization of his ST character. I think it’s totally OK to dislike the PT as movies, but as part of the SW canon I’m not a huge fan of revisionism to erase them. But… it’s your edit, if it works for you it’s 100% your choice 😉

Thank you