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3-Jan-2018, 9:46 PM

I am going to try my question:
I am using FreeRapid Downloader version 0.9u4 (according to the title bar anyway), and I have successfully downloaded everything else up to this point, and used 7zip to extract the rar files successfully and played the movies to test, but this one URL won’t download.
I have tried closing and re-opening FRD as well as rebooting my computer, as well as waiting a day in case I hit download limits. Regarding download limits, I have hit roadblocks downloading the NJVC Custom Bluray Set, but waiting resolved those problems, and I can keep on going, but this strategy is not working here with, let’s call it part09. I have tried validating the URL in FRD (right click, ‘validate’), I have tried going to part09’s URL directly in a web browser taking me to a page all in Czech I presume, and used my intuition to find the appropriate download button and download there, but I get an error saying “That didn’t work out very whale. An error occurred. Take a break and try again later”

Do I still need to just wait again? I have tried searching these forums to see if someone had a similar error, “error starting download” and I did not find anything, perhaps I did not search hard enough. Also I hope this is the correct discussion to post something like this. I can’t say I am a veteran at this whole process, but I have downloaded harmy’s DE before.

Also please let me know what other information could be helpful to those willing to help, I don’t know what information would be beneficial and what is unimportant. Also the link seems to think the file is 524 MB instead of 500 MB like all the other files