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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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3-Jan-2018, 7:00 PM
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Ryan said:

In ROTJ, I liked the Ewoks. Even remember playing with that Ewok village toy. But after the prequels came out, I learned that there were a sizable group of OT fans who hated the Ewoks. i.e. just there to sell toys, or were too cuddly or something. I can understand people not liking the Ewoks. I do hate the CGI with blinking eyes in the Blu-Rays though. Also wish the Ewoks battle scenes didn’t have that green screen look to them.

But at least the Ewoks weren’t nothing near like Jar Jar.

But I was wondering. Are there any here who hated the Ewoks, but love the Porgs?

I’m indifferent to Ewoks, neither love or hate them. They’re just there.
Well, except for Wicket. Wicket’s great.

I love the Porgs. (Up until recently I didn’t know what to call them. When I left the cinema I just called them those penguin/guinea-pig thingys). I thought they were cute and charming. That part where they’re burrowing inside the falcon’s wiring made me laugh a lot. I had a big smile whenever they were on screen.

On a different note, did that big Death Star battering ram thingy remind anybody about The Doomsday Machine from Star Trek??? Cos I got big Doomsday Machine vibes off of that thing.