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Despecialized: "Error Starting Download" in the FreeRapid Downloader
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3-Jan-2018, 12:07 PM
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22-Mar-2020, 7:40 PM
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I am using FreeRapid Downloader version 0.9u4 (according to the title bar anyway), and I have successfully downloaded everything else up to this point, and used 7zip to extract the rar files successfully and played the movies to test, but this one URL won’t download.
I have tried closing and re-opening FRD as well as rebooting my computer, as well as waiting a day in case I hit download limits. Regarding download limits, I have hit roadblocks downloading the NJVC Custom Bluray Set, but waiting resolved those problems, and I can keep on going, but this strategy is not working here with, let’s call it part09. I have tried validating the URL in FRD (right click, ‘validate’), I have tried going to part09’s URL directly in a web browser taking me to a page all in Czech I presume, and used my intuition to find the appropriate download button and download there, but I get an error saying “That didn’t work out very whale. An error occurred. Take a break and try again later”

Do I still need to just wait again? I have tried searching these forums to see if someone had a similar error, “error starting download” and I did not find anything, perhaps I did not search hard enough. Also I hope this is the correct discussion to post something like this. I can’t say I am a veteran at this whole process, but I have downloaded harmy’s DE before.

Also please let me know what other information could be helpful to those willing to help, I don’t know what information would be beneficial and what is unimportant

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butter_boy said:

I’m using FreeRapid Downloader to download the ROTJ DEED v2.5, but I keep getting “ERROR - Error starting download” on 4 of the URLs. Is there a way to solve this problem?

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robertx said:

I am using FreeRapid Downloader 0.9u4 to download ESB 2.0 from this link & ROTJ from this link I copy the raw paste data exactly and once I start the downloading process I get multiple errors across multiple files trying to download. I was able to download ANH perfectly without a single error using the same method. I am repeating exactly the same process as before but always getting errors. I’ve already restarted FRD multiple times, restarted my desktop multiple times, tried validating the files and waited a day but still no luck. All of the files that give me errors are shown as 524.0 MB while the files that download appear as 500.0 MB so I’m sure if that is helpful just thought I’d mention it. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or a has a solution I’d love to know, I was very much looking forward to watching the whole trilogy again. If anymore information is need to help I’ll be sure to supply it.