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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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3-Jan-2018, 1:56 AM
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NeverarGreat said:

DrDre Said:

Luke was the Yin to his father’s Yang. In the OT his character was set up to have most if not all of his father’s flaws, but unlike his father he was to make the right choices. His destiny was to pass on what he had learned, to surpass his elders, to become a legend.

And he has. We don’t see the kids at the end of TLJ playing with an Obi-wan or Yoda doll, do we? And he certainly passed on the most important lessons he has learned. He has passed on the knowledge of what the Force truly is, divorced from its Jedi distortions, and he has passed on the knowledge of his failures, which is the theme of the film.

Yes, to those kids he’s Santa Clause. I’ll agree with you on that. I wish I could still believe in Santa Clause…

Luke has passed on another interpretation of the Force. Who’s to say that won’t be as much a distortion as the Jedi interpretation? Maybe not now, but in a 1,000 generations, or when another director at some point has a different idea of what it represents. This is the real lesson of TLJ, methinks.