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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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3-Jan-2018, 1:20 AM

In ROTJ, I liked the Ewoks. Even remember playing with that Ewok village toy. But after the prequels came out, I learned that there were a sizable group of OT fans who hated the Ewoks. i.e. just there to sell toys, or were too cuddly or something. I can understand people not liking the Ewoks. I do hate the CGI with blinking eyes in the Blu-Rays though. Also wish the Ewoks battle scenes didn’t have that green screen look to them.

But at least the Ewoks weren’t nothing near like Jar Jar.

But I was wondering. Are there any here who hated the Ewoks, but love the Porgs?

I don’t really like the Porgs, and wished they weren’t in the movie. Or at least not the way they used the Porgs for comic relief.