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Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut (Released)
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28-Dec-2017, 5:38 PM

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

coinilius said:

Very interesting - I’ve always enjoyed Batman Forever and it’s great to see different fan editors tackling it! Looking at your YouTube channel, are you also working on an unofficial Director’s Cut of BR as well? Based on the previews, that looks like a very promising edit as well!

You mean BF right?If so then yes & it has been finished however i’m doing a updated version but if you wanna see my old version just go to my channel’s discussion & make sure to hit “Newest first” so you can see the link.

Whoops, yes I meant BF, not BR lol

And thanks for the tip - I had it as Top Comments rather than Newest First so it was just showing the Tim Burton cut link, will have a look at the Unofficial Directors Cut as well.