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What feels most Star Wars
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26-Dec-2017, 5:26 PM
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Hmm, things that really stood out to me over the years as feeling very distinctly “Star Warsian” in that they capture that same feeling I get from the OOT would include:

Rogue One

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight video game (this might be one of the most “Star Wars” things outside the films for me)

Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast video game (this one captured the OT “look” better than almost anything but the story isn’t as good as the previous entry)

X-Wing Alliance video game

X-Wing Rogue Squadron novel (I’ve recently been seriously thinking about tracking down the other novels and comic books from this series)

Star Wars Battlefront video game (the one on the PS4. It had major issues at launch but once they updated it to allow more single player options it has been pretty awesome)

Heir to the Empire novel trilogy

I didn’t read much of the Dark Horse comic run in the 90’s (another thing I’ve been seriously thinking about delving into) but Dave Dorman’s artwork in the mid 90’s (much of which was for comic and novel covers) is absolutely deserving to be on this list. I have a big softcover coffe table book of his Star Wars art and it is amazing!