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kk650's Regraded Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones V3 (blanket green tint removed from blu-ray) (Released)
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26-Dec-2017, 3:07 PM
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26-Dec-2017, 3:08 PM
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ZaneFlare92 said:

Hey kk650, very happy to see the V3’s of the PT complete. I absolutely love the new regrades. The Prequels look better then ever. I have a question which is a curious one. Beforehand you went the 1920x828 for 1 & 3, all the OT is 1920x824, and 7 & RO 1920x804. Now comes where my curiosity comes in. I notice when minimizing the full screen for the new AOTCV3 I noticed the black bars. Previously AOTCV2 was 1920x820 which is close to the 828 of the PT. I checked the properties for V3 and you went on full 1080p well technically 1088p according to the properties. So will it be like this for the rest of the series moving forward or just something you’re trying for AOTC ?

Attack of the Clones was left at 1088p because that was the resolution of the german hdtv transport stream and when I tried to remove the black bars, even just slightly to 1080p, it would affect the colours negatively for some reason, I was getting nicer colours from leaving it at 1088p so that’s what I ended up doing, encoding V3 at 1088p to get the best colours possible.

For all the other Star Wars releases I just crop the top and bottom black bars as much as I can and compare screencaps between the official blu-ray and regrade to make sure the ratio is exactly the same and there is no vertical stretching, so all future Star Wars releases are going to have the black bars cropped as well, Attack of the Clones was a one off due to the peculiarities of the source.