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What 'a Star Wars Story' / anthology / spinoff film would you like to see?
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25-Dec-2017, 3:28 AM
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Since this “quoting in spoilers” thing is a pain in the ass, I’ll post just this and then I’m done with this debate here.

joefavs said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Rey becomes a master swords(wo)man with next to no training, yes?

The movie actually makes it pretty clear that her skill with a lightsaber is almost completely due to the fact that she was already a skilled melee fighter with her staff.

Because the two weapons are just so alike and handled so similarly.

She effortlessly lifts a shit-ton of rocks with about the same amount of training, yes?

Didn’t Empire teach us that the only thing keeping you from lifting shit is not believing that you can lift shit? Maybe Rey is just more credulous than Luke was.

Another one of Rey’s “not perfect” qualities, I’m sure.

a bunch of Snoke’s highly-trained bodyguards,

Never established as being Force-sensitive.

And she never received real training, which in a properly executed story would’ve given her a disadvantage.

Her parents were nobodies, not Skywalkers or Kenobis or Palpatines or anyone with Force-sensitivity which might explain her innate proficiency, yes? She’s just absurdly powerful and skilled because … Forcedidit.

So the prequel-era Lucas model of super-powerful chosen-one bloodlines is more appealing to you than the Force working in mysterious ways? Wouldn’t’ve pegged you as one of those.

What would’ve been appealing to me is if Rey had never been depicted as being able to use Jedi mind tricks, telekinesis, and various other Force abilities without training period. But they didn’t. Since they didn’t, they should’ve then come up with a damn plausible reason for her uncanny proficiency. Giving her a Force-ful heritage and/or revealing she had received some Jedi training as a child would’ve helped to some degree to rectify this. They didn’t do any of that.