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Rocky V (2006)
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25-Dec-2017, 12:09 AM
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25-Dec-2017, 2:06 AM
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I was re-watching all the Rocky films, and like others, I always felt Rocky V to be very weak, and the blacksheep of the bunch. They tried to take Rocky back to his roots, but they also forgot what made the original film so special. Anyway, here’s what I’m proposing.

The first chunk of Rocky V merged into Rocky Balboa. Cut the Tommy Gun stuff and mr. “Only in Uhmerica!!”

Start the film with Rocky fanfare and fight from IV (I’d like to attempt recutting this myself. Perhaps to try to match the tone of the rest of the edit. As it is…it’s just too 1985)
-Considering keeping the shower scene “I can’t keep my hands from shaking” but cut the brain damage arc. I think that fight was a good enough reason for Rocky to retire. I mean damn, he’s a dinosaur in boxing years. Also, there’d be no way his brain damage would improve enough to be eligible to receive a license to fight, or pass with “flying colors” as they put in Rocky Balboa
-Keep the “We lost everything” segment
-Create transition from V to Balboa with little segments. Audio clips from V. Newspaper clippings to explain the 16 year gap.
-16 years later Rocky at the grave of Adrian in Rocky Balboa
-I’d like to add little bits from Rocky V that I liked to various parts.
-Cut “Is that from the 80s?”…“No it’s from the 70s” felt kind of off.
-Add “Get up you son of a bitch, 'cause Mickey loves ya!” to when Rocky gets knocked down.
-Tone down some of the ESPNish vibes

Cut list will grow as I continue to think it through.

This begs a question. There exists 2 endings. One where Rocky loses, one where he wins. I’m partial to Rocky losing, but welcome your thoughts and opinions, as well as what else you think could be cut or added.