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Info: Our projects released thread
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24-Dec-2017, 1:53 PM

C-3POH said:

dark_jedi said:

C-3POH said:
I take it this isn’t DJ & team? The volume of Harmy’s despecialized sets they’ve sold recently is disconcerting.

Sorry, long time yet sporadic lurker. Thought I’d create an account to point this out. It may be posted elsewhere.

The link does not take me to our stuff but I/we have seen it before several times, and no none of us sell our stuff at all, always have been for free and always will, this shit really sucks and really used to make me very upset, but I have come to grips that there will always be assholes out there and there is nothing we can do about it, just hope they are very proud of themselves.

Damn. The fact they use “teamblu” in their username and in their auction descriptions is totally vile. Sorry man.

Yea I couldn’t agree more, but tomorrow is Christmas and I am in a really good mood right now so screw them idiots lol, like I said I really hope they are proud of themselves making money on what others do, low life scum in my book.

Merry Christmas All and have a Happy New Year!