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Info & Help: looking for... other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut - and much much more...
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13-Jun-2005, 6:06 PM
so, i bought a 4 disc set of blade runner on ebay, includes the international cut, on the edge documentary and a dallas/denver screening workprint

i´ve also got two different frighteners sets, set no1 is 2 discs, movie on one and making of on the other, complete with menus, source is Ld to vhs to dvd, so quality isnt the best
set no2 is a Ld-player to dvd recorder version, lame menus, this versions got the movie and commentary on disc1 and making of on disc2

so if anyone is interested, lmk my pm is on