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Banned members
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21-Dec-2017, 12:34 PM

Handman said:

I will say this, this forum does have a lot of unwritten social codes that I haven’t encountered literally anywhere else in my life, and when someone breaks that code, they get a host of people on their back, which isn’t really fair. I don’t believe Dr.Dre’s offense is a perma-bannable thing, more like a warning, however Frink did go overboard, there’s no other way to take his response.

Handman said:

yhwx said:

Handman said:

I think we should wait for Frink to return from his temp-ban before we continue to condemn anyone else or go on endless conjecture.

What’s the problem with “condemning anyone else?”

I don’t think that’s very fair to do if they are not here to defend themselves. I’m fairly certain everyone we’re talking about doesn’t visit this section of the forum.

Handman said:

I guess I just don’t understand what any of you are trying to accomplish. Talk to the people you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Everyone has different ideas of what is proper and decent, and everyone is offended by different things. If they attack another poster, then it becomes a problem.

You should all read these posts over and over again until they sink in.

I banned Frink for losing it and attacking another member because something offended him personally. Not only was that against the general forum rules, but also the thread-specific rules, which are explicit. It’s also become a pattern that has affected how other members discuss certain topics, as mentioned by several in this thread. I’m hoping this is something Frink bears in mind when he returns.

The offending party apologized sincerely once they were made aware of Frink’s personal situation, and I decided not to ban them because of that. Had Frink led with an explanation of his feelings instead of launching into an attack, it’s likely all this would have been avoided. In fact, the offending party requested that Frink’s ban be lifted immediately after it was enacted. I declined.

Regarding the “r-word”, we’ve disciplined other members for using it and will continue to do so when it’s brought to our attention. Had Frink contacted us about its use in the TLJ thread instead of going off, we would’ve corrected it there as well.

I’ve changed my mind and won’t be reviewing the 50 or so pages of the TLJ review thread prior to Frink’s banning. You’re welcome to report specific posts that you think are against the rules to oojason and SilverWook via PM since they’ve seen TLJ. I’ve avoided all but one major spoiler up to this point and would like to remain relatively spoiler-free until I have time to see the movie. Those of you who think it’s a “problem” that I haven’t seen the movie yet are welcome to volunteer as my personal assistant so you can manage my calendar and explain to my family and employer why they come in third place to a movie released right before a major holiday.

I have no intention of returning to this thread to discuss this further as I consider the matter closed. Please refrain from further speculation or judgment/criticism of your fellow members or I’ll lock the topic.