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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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20-Dec-2017, 1:53 PM

I found the film to be very disappointing. This was made all the worse because I had heard of some early reviews being super-positive. It was a big letdown. Here are my disappointments (NOT in chronological order):

  • Luke throwing away his lightsaber… I’m sure whoever wrote this scene thought they were being SUPER clever. It was reminiscent of Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale when asked, “Shaken or stirred” and he replied, “Do I look like I give a damn?” This was a clever twist on a well-known character. Luke being handed his lost lightsaber and tossing it away…bad. Just bad.

  • The over the top Huck. Too cheesy and over-acted. Just dumb.

  • They had a great opportunity when Leia was blasted out of the ship into space. Carrie Fisher died. They had Leia blasted into space. Why not just do a re-write and leave her there. Then they wouldn’t have to explain her death later. And her flying back to the ship was SO lame I had my hand over my eyes because it was so bad I couldn’t watch.

  • Dameron’s over-the-top, “I demand an explanation”. I know they want to portray him as a rogue and a scoundrel, but he was just acting like an ass.

  • The weird aliens on Luke’s island that were dressed like earth cleaning ladies from the 1900s. Anytime Star Wars has anything remotely earth-like, I am totally turned off. Which leads me to:

  • Holdo’s use of the term “Godspeed” for the reason mentioned above.

  • Holdo’s “I have a plan but I’m gonna act like I don’t have a plan” when Dameron asked what the plan was. Had she revealed the plan, there would have been no need for…

  • The long SLOW chase and subsequent sneaking off to find a code-breaker. This entire storyline was extremely lame. The idea that the New Order couldn’t close the gap. The idea that they were able to sneak away. The overly complex plan to sneak onto a Star Destroyer and hack into it.

  • The casino planet. Lame characters. Dumb action. Preachy message about kindness to animals.

  • Finn trying to run away. What? No.

  • Yoda being silly and slapstick. When he laid on his back and kicked his legs because he was laughing so hard…cringe!

  • Yoda being a really bad and obvious rubber puppet. We moved on to CGI. Stick with it.

  • The Jedi tree being treated the same way as Luke’s lightsaber. Not clever.

  • Rey’s parents turning out to be nobody important.

  • Finn being stopped from sacrificing himself.

  • The last bomber being allowed to go so long and then actually drop its bombs. No.

  • The woman on the bomber and Rosie…when she caressed the golden pin, I was like, “Well all right. Star Wars is hip. They were lovers” Nope. Sisters.

  • Snoke being so easily killed.

  • That Kylo and Rey didn’t kiss.

  • C3PO had his golden arm back?

  • Luke Milking an alien. So bad!!

I am so disappointed. “Rogue One” was SO good. I am hoping “Solo” will be as well. I hope there’s an Obi Wan movie and even a Boba Fett movie. I have no interest in seeing Episode IX. None.