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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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20-Dec-2017, 11:48 AM

Matt.F said:

DrDre said:

MalàStrana said:

What if IX makes her the Chosen One then ? (but it would go against the “socialist” view of the movie about the Force which belongs to everyone, no-one included). If you think about it, Anakin was one of the most powerful Jedi of the Order but thanks to Obi-Wan restraints he never got too much powerful (TPM and then AOTC deal with that actually) while growing mistrust against the Order (TCW/ROTS deal with that as well). Imagine if he had stayed alone a a shitty planet, would he have become like Rey, very powerful in a matter of days ?
But I agree about Rey nonetheless, I has always been my main criticism against TFA.

Yeah, but even Anakin needed years of training to become a Jedi. He could see things before they happen, which was presented as a trait of someone with a lot of Force potential, but to use Jedi mind tricks, levitation, and to be proficient with a lightsaber required a lot of effort.

This scene in TESB clashes with the final scenes of TLJ in a major way:

Again, these are ‘perceived continuity clashes’ that you’re pulling out simply to try and discredit the new movies.

Now that you’re using the PT here’s one for you - why didn’t Ben take Luke to be trained by Yoda at a much younger age?

We know he has Skywalker blood - the Force is biological right? We know in ESB that Yoda thinks Luke should have been trained far younger. Why did Kenobi leave it so long?

Why do people assume that because Yoda says “he is too old to begin the training” in ESB that Yoda really meant it? Why can it not just be Yoda’s way of trying to get Luke to show his resolve and a willingness to take it seriously?

Luke and Leia are the only two currently-known Force-Sensitives remotely capable of taking down Vader and the Emperor. Yoda knows this. I don’t see Yoda legitimately giving up on Luke so easily.