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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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20-Dec-2017, 11:40 AM
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oojason said:

JediExile said:

oojason said:

JediExile said:

oojason said:

Nandi said:

PewDiePie? Really?

The lad who did this - &

and in the first line of his video you linked to says, after mocking the hype re the new Star Wars film, ‘I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan’.

Nandi, if you’re going to post a video or review here etc then add some info and context to it - it’ll help members make a decision as to whether they wish to click on it before doing so.

Do not just post a link.

What does him saying the n-word have to do with anything lol

Given the lad’s history why shouldn’t it be said his opinion may not hold much weight?

Also in the context of ‘I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan’ too.

‘lol’? Really?

I’m not arguing his opinion isn’t absolutely worthless. I’m just asking why would him saying the n-word make his opinion more worthless? One of my best friends is racist towards hispanic people, but I’m not going to start throwing his opinions out the door on other matters regardless of how stupid his feelings are on one matter.

Did you click on the links and read them? Likely not - as if you did you’d realise it’s not just ‘the n-word’, is it? And also what the gist of the Guardian article is about too, yes?

And I didn’t say anything about using ‘the n-word’ making his opinion more worthless. You seemingly assumed that.

Also, again, in the context of ‘I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan’ too.


Anyway, back on topic…

As a person who watches pewdiepie from time to time (I’m so sorry), I have seen the “controversial videos”. . His first controversy consisted of “news” cherry picking jokes, taking them out of context and editing them in such a way that it made him look back. The original videos were fine, no racism there.
His second controversy was that he shouted “oh what a f_____g n____r” at a bot (not at a person, but a video game character), he quickly changed it to “oh what an a_____e”. When he realized what he said he started to apologize then he started to laugh with an “oh shit I hope nobody noticed that” look.
It was stupid, childish and absolutely wrong, but his explanation made perfect sense - he wanted to be offensive for comedic purposes, so he said the first offensive word which came to his mind. Why was THAT word the first which came to his mind, that’s the a good question though.