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Ranking the Star Wars films
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19-Dec-2017, 11:56 PM

TV’s Frink said:

Valheru_84 said:

Update on my ranking post TLJ viewing:

  1. SW, TESB & ROTJ (original theatricals and DSEs)
  2. TFA (theatrical, likely to be replaced by Hal’s fanedit)
  3. R1 (theatrical)
  4. ROTS (Kerr Fanedit “Dark Force Rising”)
  5. TPM (Anti-cheese Fanedit)
  6. AOTC (Anti-cheese Fanedit)
  7. TLJ


I continue to be amazed that some people HATED this movie so much that they could actually put it last, behind three terribly made movies.

The main OT actors were not in the prequels, so the prequels really couldn’t hurt them. They are in the ST however. So if you really don’t like how the ST portrays them, then I think you can understand where the hate comes from.