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An Index Thread (and more) for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art...
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19-Dec-2017, 5:28 PM

I was just thinking, “I wish I had a basic Photoshop Blu-ray cover Template I could use as a starting point for some new Project 4K77 cover art…”

Has anybody ever created (and then shared) a basic Photoshop PSD for each film? Such a template might, for example, come in a couple of standard sizes (bluray, DVD, disc label), and have all the standard/official boiler plate text in editable text layers. It might have all the studio logos, ratings and warnings, again, each on their own layer/linked layers making it easy to re-position them, edit or delete them. Maybe have placeholders for a few screenshots (pre-loaded with some of the common ones that you see on the backs of the official boxes, but easy to swap out with your own). Stuff like that.

I imagine that, those of you who regularly produce new covers to share here probably already have a few such templates, that you modify and improve on over time.

Making something like that available would make it really easy for those of us who are not so artistic, to produce some quite professional looking covers of our own, since all we’d really need to do is drop in our own favorite posters, resize and position them, maybe move some logos around a bit, edit some text (e.g. the special features, or audio information specific to this version) and then print it out.

I realize this might seem a little unfair, after all, I’m sure you all spent a lot of time and effort creating your templates and the thought of sharing them with everyone for free is probably not something you considered, but remember - other people on these forums - Poita, Harmy, myself, and many others have spent literally years and thousands of dollars restoring the films and working on the projects that you are now making covers for, using skills that perhaps you don’t have, and we share all of those projects here with you for free…

Anyway, that was my thought.