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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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19-Dec-2017, 11:53 AM
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DrDre said:

Then there’s the fact that this entire arc aims to push Rey to the foreground as the next last Jedi, Luke 2.0, new and improved. However, does she deserve this mantle? Luke goes through hell and back before becoming a Jedi, making mistakes, suffering loss of life and limbs. Rey get’s her powers handed to her, and seemingly is never tempted. She’s almost a perfect heroine. The secret of her parents are supposed to be a representation of her personal demons, but it’s ultimately inconsequential. She cries about it, and the next scene she’s back being the hero. When Luke discovered the secret about his father, there was anguish and reflection, setting up the redemption arc of the next film.

Sorry to jump back a couple of pages, but if you remember Empire, Luke had this huge immediate reaction. The rest of his reaction had nothing to do with who his father is, but that Ben didn’t tell him. His litany is “Ben, why didn’t you tell me.” Before we ever see him really deal with it, he is back to his old self by the end of the movie and back to being a hero in the opening act of Jedi. Yes, he asks Yoda to confirm it, but Luke instantly accepted who his father was and carried on. So I’m failing to see how Rey crying about it and back to being a hero in the next scene is much different.

Not anyone specifically, but in general a lot of the issue people have with sequels and prequels (not just Star Wars) comes from preconceived ideas. That isn’t how fiction works. Someone has to create the stories and they are not always going to go the direction you would take it. Building up ideas and comparing what one character did to what another character did ignores the big picture that life sometimes repeats itself and sometimes does the unexpected. Good stories do the unexpected. Star Wars was unexpected in 77. The PT were not what many fans were expecting. Yet many younger fans love them. This ST is going its own direction (The Force help us with Abrams doing IX) and hopefully it ends well. Some people really hate this movie, but a lot of people really love it.