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The Last Jedi : a Fan Edit Ideas thread
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18-Dec-2017, 7:16 PM

Here is an assessment of things I think should be paired down and or removed.

Yoda ghost lightning stroke. He is a ghost and should not affect the real world. Luke lights the tree and saves the books as shown later.

Supremacy mega ship destroyed because of a hyperspace ship. If this was possible why didn’t they just destroy the deathstar this way? This is the first thing that I said when the movie ended. I have no idea why the ship is blowing up in the last part though.

The boy at the end. Sorry cut it, end with the prior scene of falcon, chat, tuck in rose and see jedi books then cut to lightspeed and iris closes, cue music. If the boy becomes important in IX, move that scene to IX.

Move Rey Luke scene from end of VII to beginning of VIII.

Cut Luke tossing saber over shoulder. cut milking. Cut porgs. cut caretakers. cut snarky luke.

Because Snoke was a red herring with no reason to exist, could he be cut from VII and VIII altogether? It would take some tricky editing and may not even be possible. Otherwise, elude he was the clone of palpatine. I mean come on. No background. Nothing.

Snoke did not initiate the mind link between kylo and rey. Because kylo and rey, have the mind link after snoke is dead.

Remove the recalling of Luke trying to kill his nephew in his sleep. Perhaps, just cut the recollection out entirely. Because, there is no mention of snoke, knights of ren, or anything that we thought might be there. Instead we only see the conflicted Luke who quits over it. Not good.

Like everyone else. Edit the Mary Poppins Leia scene to be more believable. Perhaps start the scene of here flying while she is already really close. She did not fly out so far and need to travel back so far.

The guy with the red flower in his lapel, cut him. Yeah they are looking a code breaker not a specific one. The Canto Bight sequence is failure for them. They find a code breaker in prison. Cool.

Cut Maz Kanata. How do they learn to go to Canto Bight though?

Cut poker chip spitting from BB8.

Cut BB8 in the AT-ST.

Luke actually went to crait. He just got blasted by the lasers and died. It does not make sense to me that he died because he projected himself. Am I wrong about that?

Likely other changes too. Need to see it again.