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Mjolnir Mark IV
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I didn't like The Force Awakens. Should I see The Last Jedi in theaters? (NO SPOILERS)
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18-Dec-2017, 6:39 AM

I love the original trilogy. I cringed at the prequel trilogy. But I was so disgusted with The Force Awakens that I haven’t been able to bring myself to re-watch it even once.

For those of you who dislike TFA and have seen The Last Jedi, should I see The Last Jedi in theaters? Or should I wait for the home video release? Or should I avoid the movie entirely?

If you can limit your answer to a simple yes, no, or never, that would be safest, as I am hardcore when it comes to spoilers, and even consider it a spoiler when expectations are spoiled.

For convenience, you can also take the poll here, but if you take it and post your answer to this thread, please specify you have taken the poll so I don’t count your answer twice: