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Yoda Is Your Father
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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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18-Dec-2017, 6:20 AM
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Ryan said:

SilverWook said:

That’s a long time to hopefully win a wager. 😉

Yes. I can still remember at work or where ever and talking to everyone who liked Star Wars and had been watching the prequels, and they all loved the prequels. But I didn’t. And none of them could understand why I didn’t like the new Star Wars movies. I remember then watching Revenge of the Sith with a bunch of people, and I thought it was a better movie than the first two. But I still didn’t like it. And everyone else who was there loved the movie and didn’t understand why I didn’t like it. Etc, stuff like that. I don’t even remember seeing any prequel hate online when the prequels were still new in the theater. I remember being on message boards at the time as the 2004 DVD’s were out, and people loving the prequels AND loving the changes to the Original Trilogy. i.e. “I loved it that George added a bump noise when that Storm Trooper hits his head.”

Then years went buy when I started seeing a lot of prequel hate online. I also remember watching videos say in 2010 of people talking about how they at the time thought the prequels were amazing, but “now” realize they were fooled and that they really were crap. etc. i.e. they were in Lucas worship mod at the time.

I think one reason people are “tricked” into liking the new movies is because Lucas isn’t involved in them. And so they “have” to be good.

This whole forum exists because people weren’t happy about the special editions and the general retconning of Star Wars. I joined in 2005 and pretty sure it was around a good while before that.