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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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18-Dec-2017, 3:13 AM
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I have yet to read through this thread but I just came home from seeing The Last Jedi and I must say, I’m unimpressed. Now before anyone says that I’m just bhing just to bh (censored for the thought police, only kidding mods), I LOVED The Force Awakens. Yes, you can say that Rey is kind of a Mary Sue, and yes, you can say that the plot was kind of ripped beat for beat from Star Wars (or as a**holes call it, A New Hope) and you can even say that the movie had no climax. When I heard Harrison Ford was returning, I expected him to die. He stated years ago in an old interview that the only way he’d return to the galaxy far, far away is if they killed Han Solo. Beyond that, what’s the climax? Blowing up a third Death Star? Setting all that nit-picking bullst aside, it was a fun, well paced movie with MASTERFULLY done directing. All of the above issues lie completely in the script. The actors really flesh out what are under-written characters with great, charismatic performances.

The same cannot be said for The Last Jedi however. If you like the movie, I’m not s**ting on you for liking it. I kind of like The Phantom Menace and LOVE Revenge of the Sith. So I know how it feels to be constantly berated for liking something the majority of people don’t. That’s not what this is. I felt like Rogue One was a disorganized mess but I was willing to cut Disney a bit of slack because they were experimenting with something outside the main series. With the formalities out of the way, let’s get into this…

So the movie opens up with Rey finding Luke, and instantly something’s not right. So Luke leaves clues for the Resistance to find him when he’s needed most while he goes in search of the first Jedi Temple, but then when Rey get’s there he says “what you think I came here for that Temple? I came here to die.” Like what the f**k?

Next we learn that one fighter can take out all the gun turrets on a First Order flagship even though it’s been established that there are HUNDREDS of gun turrets of ships like these all along the ships to PREVENT something like this? Okay… Then we are expected to believe that the MOST POWERFUL force user we have ever seen can link two people’s minds across the whole galaxy, but can’t sense a light-saber moving directly to the left of him? He can throw people across the room without lifting a finger, but he can’t sense that Kylo is going to betray him with Rey? What really pisses me off about this is the WASTED potential with that character. We see this IMMENSE power this guy has and he’s killed in like 10 minutes of screen time. Like what the F**K! All this mystery surrounding this character, and for NOTHING.

Now we get to Luke, you mean to tell me that the guy who risked his life to redeem the second most evil man in the galaxy because he felt there was a glimmer of good left in him and refused to kill him because he was FAMILY, was going to kill his nephew because he had some dark side tendencies? FK you man. Luke had dark side tendencies in Return of the Jedi, and he was going to KILL the kid of his SISTER and his BEST FRIEND? Jesus H. Dicks, they royally FKED Luke’s character in this one. And why did he make himself a ghost thing at the end? If he was going to die, why wouldn’t he just show up in person? He could have lifted his X-Wing out of the water and there could have been a nice homage to Empire there. This whole movie was just wasted potential.

And what the hell was up with the whole Finn sub-plot? The whole movie takes us to this place that feels like it was lifted right out of the prequels with these goofy a** CGI abominations everywhere and a fat opera singer lady and st. It was so distracting. And why didn’t the one purple haired lady who takes command of the ship tell Poe about their plan to evacuate everyone off of the ship? If they did that then Poe wouldn’t have sent Finn and Rose to get captured and have their plan discovered. God what stty writing. If the fighters are able to get through the shields then why did they call off all the fighters? The fighters could have slowly but surely crippled the ship and destroyed it.

Do I even need to mention Leia Supermaning through space? Do I need to mention Finn sacrificing himself and being a hero just to have asian chick stop him last minute? Why didn’t the Gorilla-AT-ATs shoot the two of them?

I’m just scratching the surface here folks, I never would have guessed that something this sloppy could have made it into the mainline series. Disney really dropped the ball as far as I’m concerned.

JEDIT: I’m a fairly new membet and censoring my profanity lead to weird formatting issues in my post but I’m leaving it as is out of pride and because I’m not a revisionist. Sorry about that.
I also didn’t mention how inconsistent the tone is throughout the film. You have all this cringe inducing, low brow humor and cutesy crap while it tries to go for a darker tone, a lot like Revenge of the Sith actually. And all the plot points that were just abandoned in The Force Awakens. Like what happened to the Knights of Wren?

One thing I thought was kind of clever was that all the mystery surrounding Rey’s parents is just like “Yeah sorry, your parents were crack heads who sold you for drugs”. I felt like that was pretty good with subverting audience expectations, but I would have liked it if she, maybe GREW as a person a little bit. But whatever. Sorry folks, not a fan of The Last Jedi.