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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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16-Dec-2017, 9:27 AM
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Ryan said:
They tried making Luke into a Yoda character who goofed around. But it was just terrible.

No, they didn’t? How and when did he goof around? Drinking milk? Eating fish? How is that goofing? It’s his day of life. It’s his nutrition. It’s not like he played Poker every night or took a piss off the cliff or had dancing lessons with Porgs. He has been in his own world for years now, and is living like Yoda - but not by being him. Luke is not paticularly wise or level headed. He is angry and annoyed and hateful, both at himself but also at the cards he has been dealt in his life.

The worst thing is I love the original Luke Lightsaber. And in The Last Jedi, Luke just tosses it away like he’s in an SNL skit. They didn’t just ruin Luke’s character, but now when watching the Original Trilogy, I’ll never get out of my head of Luke just tossing that Lightsaber like in the trash.

So they ruined Luke’s character because he tossed away his old saber? The saber he lost when his own father cut of his hand, after the revelation that said father was one of the most cruel men in the galaxy? How does that ruin his character?

I surprised how they apparently killed Snoke. I was thinking he’d be like the Emperor in VI and copy the themes in VI for Episode IX.

Exactly the point. EVERYONE thought Snoke was the Emperor V2. And after the predictable A New Hope mess that was The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson took this character - that served his purpose by the end - and turned it on its head. Nobody expected it. Nobody expected Kylo Ren to become the new bad. We are so used to The Emperor and the apprentice redemption arc, that Rian fooled us - and he fooled us good, to the benefit of the story.