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The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS INSIDE **
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15-Dec-2017, 2:43 AM

I already have quite a few ideas:

-remove Luke milking the animal
-remove Leia superman moment
-MAYBE remove Luke messing with Rey with the piece of grass in the first lesson. Apart of me wants to streamline the scene and its tone, but another part of me just can’t resist removing literally one of the best jokes in the movie in my opinion.
-Most importantly, cut down and restructure the Canto Bight scene the most possible. For sure cutting down the weird horse chase sequence. Also remove most jokes in this sequence. Mainly just streamline and restructure this so it moves by a lot quicker, eats up less screen time, and we feel like we spend more time with Rey and Luke as an audience.
-remove many of the jokes. Some off the top of my head would maybe be Luke wiping his shoulder (maybe), removing Hux repeating Kylo’s command, remove Hux’s “You think we got him”. Mainly just make that sequence have much less humor.
-maybe end the scene on the falcon. The broom boy scene is kind of growing on me but we’ll see.
-Like Anojan said, maybe some rescoring in some places. There was nothing that stood out, but the score worked for the most part.