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Rogue One * Spoilers * Thread
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11-Dec-2017, 3:23 PM
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oojason said:
That’s Mala’s opinion mate - and she’s welcome to it - despite seemingly, and somewhat desperately, trying to portray her opinions as some sort of fact.

Oh, dude, come on, be serious 😃 We’re on a forum where some opinions about some movies are considered facts (such as “PT = crap”, “Disney Wars = gold”) and never realy opened for debating. Dare to say that a PT entry is better than any of the new Disney movies and you’ll get a full crowd repeating you “you’re wrong, you cant’ say that, you’re mad, blablabla”.

and yet you spent a fair bit of time in Rogue One fan edit threads on a film that in your opinion with ‘No story, no characters, no emotion, nothing (emptiness at its best)’ and ‘in a few years from now people won’t really watch R1 anymore…’ and even contributed to…

Yeah, fanediting is fun and I welcome and respect any attempt to make a bad movie something better and watchable, especially in the SW universe. Some people managed that with TPM and AOTC, so it’s possible with R1 as well. Besides I really do like most of the faneditors around here that happen to be very cool and interesting people, so if I want to contribute I believe I do whatever I want. Or is it against this forum policy ? Would it be better for you that everyone on this forum thinks this exact same thing about each SW entry (each time an “non” orthodox ranking is published the exact same members eract immediately the exact same way… every fucking time, like some kind of “Thought Police”) ? I’m wondering 'cause I can’t remember when you called Frink’s and others excessive behaviors on this matter trolling as well… (edit: hum… maybe that one time recently but that all I can remember)

(as long as Mala doesn’t carry on repeating this across the site, or is baiting / antagonizing / trolling others with it - especially after being asked to stop doing just that - which I am sure she wouldn’t do…)

Last time I checked I was the one being trolled/provoked every f****** time and you know it, but… anyway 😉