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Star Trek: TMP Edit Not Dead yet!
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10-Dec-2017, 3:52 PM

Finished restoring the Wormhole exterior shots via combining the complimentary information in the Blu and HDTV copies. Took several hours… and I still have to dust bust the footage! Amazingly tedious. Basically have to:
-isolate the footage in Avid and export every shot (for both the HDTV and BLU transfers)
-generate a color correction LUT via the Color Matching Tool
-throw each shot in Nuke wherein I need to:
—manually align them with grid warp (the frame geometry differences between the transfers is variable)
—apply the LUT
—set the luma key so I find the right transition points between the footage

Hoping that my method can be streamlined somewhat. I don’t suppose any of you know how do setup image registration software like Elastix? Or perhaps a method using Avisynth? The manual alignment of the footage is the most time consuming part and if that could be automated to some degree, that would be amazing. Also automating the color matching, like say, instruct the program to color match & generate LUTS for all PNG pairs (ex 1a.png with 1b.png, 2a.png & 2b.png, etc) in a directory would also speed things along considerably.